Pre-Assessment Exam for Doctoral Degree Candidates of Civil Engineering Programme

Dear Student Candidates,

List of students able to join pre-assessment exam are announced  and send email to given acccount with necessery  details.

We would like to announce that the pre-assessment exam for enrollment of doctoral degrees will be an online interview using the Zoom Application. You can attend the interview with a Zoom Link, which is send via email. The interview of each candidate will begin in turn and time, which are given in the email attached file.

·        Interview Date: 23/09/2020 (02.00 PM)

(Note: Please install the Zoom Application on your computer or/and telephone and login with your name and surname. Be ready at 30 minutes before the interview time, described in the mail attached file. In this period, wait in the Zoom waiting room.)

(In case of any errors in connection, you can directly send an e-mail

Email Address:


Wishing you health and success.

Hacettepe University Department of Civil Engineering